One World One Quality

Walk into a restaurant, a supermarket or a pharmacy; you are surely going to be awed by the chemistry of colors that are at play in them. Buy any food, cosmetic or medicine, colors have been proven to create a psychological impact on our minds and our decision-making behaviour. Color is considered to be the single most important product – intrinsic sensory cue when it comes to setting expectations or building moods towards positive purchase intentions.

But just imagine if these colors that we consume through the products we buy are not safe in the first place. If colors that make something attractive, appetizing, compelling are made from harmful chemicals and is not produced under proper control parameters; what would be the consequence of that? Just the thought of it can sometimes scare the hair out of its roots. It is beyond imagination what kind of damage it can cause to our skin, our organs and finally our health in the long run.

Therefore it is important to check for their source, safety and suitability before using them in any application. It is the responsibility of the manufacturers of such consumables  (foods, cosmetics or medicines) to produce and sell only the safest products at all costs using color additives of the highest quality & fewer impurities. Over the years a lot of research and experiments have been done to put together a series of regulations to ensure best practices by different countries in their own capacity. Organisations like WHO and developed nations have invested heavily both in time and money to design legislations, specifications and test methods to monitor and manage the best practices, pushing the developing nations to adopt a similar charter for their people.

However, the times have changed and with new technology new breakthroughs’ are happening. In this scenario, there is one company ~ Neelikon ~ that has taken up this mandate quite seriously and after years of investing in R&D, it is now ready with a constructive disruption called “One World One  Quality” color.

Neelikon is regarded as one of the top three producers in the world for food colors, cosmetic pigments and fluorescent dyes. Today with the start of this decade and with over  35 plus years of impeccable service to this industry, Neelikon is ready to launch a one-of-its-kind product “One World One Quality” which is the range of High Purity Colours with low impurities that will meet all necessary legislation of JECFA, USA, Europe, Japan,  China and  India as applicable. Under One  World  One  Quality,  Neelikon will offer colors meeting the different regulations of various countries as mentioned above. This new concept meets all the six regulations by reducing the impurity profile & with additional test parameters.

Neelikon gives a guarantee of One  World  One  Quality to its current and prospective customers to use its colors in their applications and sell their products worldwide without any hurdle.

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