The Importance of Using the Right Pigments in Lipsticks

Only one thing makes a customer buy a specific lipstick and keep coming back for it. No, it is not the brand or the packaging. Neither does it matter how aesthetic or quirky it looks. It is always the lipstick shade that entices customers.

The primary aspect of lipstick, as you know, is determined by the pigments you choose. Of all the crucial decisions made regarding the raw materials that go into manufacturing your lipsticks, pigments should be prioritized. Here is why. 

1. Color range 

Over the last few decades, two trends have swept the makeup and fashion world: inclusion and boldness, and for the better! There is a steady increase in demand for a range of shades that sit well on people with all skin tones and compliment all personality types. 

You need to find the most suitable pigments to achieve the desired color, vibrance, and intensity, whether for neons or pastel colors. 

The type of dye you use not only determines the vividness of the lipstick shade but also its texture. Further, the appropriate cosmetic pigments will also ensure that your lipsticks do not bleed color. 

2. Safe composition 

Like with all makeup products, it is critical to ensure the safety of the lipsticks and all the materials used to manufacture them. Cosmetic pigments, both organic and inorganic, have specific chemical compositions that allow for the functionality of lasting colors and bright and vibrant hues. 

When choosing cosmetic pigments, you need to ensure that you pick the type of pigments with higher purity that are safe to use. 

Hence, manufacturing lipsticks with pigments approved by the US Food and Drug Administration’s Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act is vital. Safety is the baseline for any product, especially a cosmetic one. So, you want to ensure you source the appropriate cosmetic pigments from a supplier you can trust, and look out for US FDA  FD&C and D&C dyes and lakes

3. Shade consistency 

Women prefer to have a signature lipstick shade just as they enjoy having a signature perfume. Each batch of your lipsticks must be consistent and identical across the board when it comes to the shade.

You can achieve the required precision and consistency by using suitable pigments. That is not only the color but also the size and texture of the pigment particles. 

Particle size is central to achieving consistency in shades, and the right technology can create extremely soft and fine particles for quality products. 

4. Cost-effectiveness 

Creating a quality product that customers love is a success only when it’s profitable for your business. With the right cosmetic colors, you can aim for and achieve cost-efficiency on your lipsticks. 

For instance, dispersion pigments eliminate the time-consuming processes of grinding, milling, and mixing. In turn, you can save on the capital required for additional equipment, space, and labour. 

Unlike powder pigments, dispersion pigments also reduce the time and effort required for cleaning and dusting by eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. Hence, using suitable pigments in your lipsticks can help bring down overall costs. 

Choosing the right pigment manufacturer 

Choosing an appropriate cosmetic pigments manufacturer is central in ensuring that the right cosmetic colors are used in your products. Pick a manufacturer that recognizes the importance of the four cornerstones of cosmetic pigments: color range, safe composition, shade consistency, and cost-effectiveness, and delivers them consistently. 

Lavanya Cosmetic Pigments by Neelikon is committed to providing an extensive range of US FDA FD&C and D&C dyes and lakes. We are the largest non-US-based producers of FDA-certified cosmetic dyes. 

We consistently and consciously adopt the best manufacturing practices and employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure cosmetic pigments of the highest purity. Our wide range of shades of organic and inorganic pigments are halal, kosher, and non-GMO certified. 

Lavanya Cosmetic Pigments offer you cosmetic colors that perfectly balance the legislative safety standards with an assortment of enticing hues. You do not need to compromise on the quality or aesthetics when you partner with us. Use our selection of cosmetic pigments and be assured of manufacturing the highest quality and most vibrant lipsticks and other makeup products.

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