Cosmetic Chemistries

Appearance has been the defining factor for man for a long time. Hundreds of years ago, soil and charcoals were used to enhance appearance. Today, there is a cosmetic product available for every use. From concealers and correctors to blushes, eye shadows and lip tints. Cosmetics have evolved from just enhancing the beauty to now, with added benefits like UV protection, moisture lock, waterproof, etc. The customer has evolved, and so has their need for immaculate make-up.

It is interesting to note how the cosmetic industry adapted to this shift of “decorative” make-up to “functional” make-up.

The late ’70s saw the advent of surface treatment in order to meet the growing market demands. It started by stammering cosmetics in earlier days to today, where there are new technologies developing every day. Previously, metal soaps were used to surface treat pigments. Slowly, it moved to silicon oil treatment which gave a softer feel to the skin. Apart from this, there was rampant use of polysiloxane treatments for hydrophobicity and softer feel.

Today, cosmetics like liquid and powder foundation, BB creams, eyeliners, lipsticks, concealers, sunscreen, etc. see vast applications of surface treatment. Surface treating these products is a must to ensure that the product offers multiple benefits in one to delight the consumer.

Indeed, there is more to surface treating the pigment than just altering its properties. The ultimate goal is to enhance the performance of the end product. Surface treating pigments adds functional values like longer wearability, enhanced colour payoff, matte/glossy finish, thus, giving them a luxurious feel and a delighted cosmetic wear experience.

Surface treatment is an extensive process and requires expertise to develop the pigments. Identifying the optimal percentage of treatment is imperative to obtain good hydrophobicity. This ensures the end product is much smoother and waterproof in comparison to non-treated cosmetic pigments.

At Neelikon, there are skilled engineers who develop surface-treated pigments for custom needs for clients. The range of surface treatment ranges from OTS, FHS, SSI, and PGS treatment to customised solutions for brands and needs. Now that is what we call complete coverage!

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