What Are The Latest Makeup Trends This Season? What Is “In” This Summer?

Summer is around the corner, and so are the summer make-up looks. Besides warmer and brighter days, summer allows people to get back to playing with their favourite cosmetic products. From statement lips to bold brows and pastel eyes are poised to be the latest makeup trend this summer. Colour plays a central role in each cosmetic product, as women tend to look for the right cosmetic shade matching their attire. If you are a manufacturer and use colour cosmetic ingredients in your formulation, make sure you are using colours that are tested and approved. We, at Neelikon, offer a wide range of United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) certified Drug and Cosmetics (D&C) dyes & lakes and Food Drug and Cosmetics (FD&C) colours.

Let’s dive into the latest make-up trends for this summer season.

Lipsticks– From pool parties to long night outs, summers are more like choosing lipstick shades that can go perfectly with a summer dress. A colour that does not leave any mark, fade, or move is all a woman wants from lipstick. A matte lasts longer for any summer plan. Some women may choose lip gloss or lip balm that, in addition to providing shine, hydrates the lips. During summers, women usually wear bright colour dresses or carry bright bags and usually amp up their colour palette. Soft nude shades are also popular as these mimic the natural lip colour. Long-lasting lipsticks don’t move and stay on despite the sweat.

Eye shadow– Brown shades for smokey eye make-up are perfect for summers. It can be achieved by applying a mid-toned matte brown followed by dark brown over the upper eyelid. The application of eye-shimmer liquid onto the inner corner of the eyes completes the look. Besides smokey eyes, pink summer eye shadow is also a must-try. A bold colour in the centre of the eyelid with contrasting colours gives a lasting impression to eye makeup. Metallic eye make-up is perfect for women who love to wear a single eye shadow colour. Moreover, applying glittery pink to the eyes is enough to catch everyone’s attention.

Kajal– Girls and women love to beautify their eyes with kajal as eyes are the most important feature of the face that catches attention. The look that is perfect for every outfit and occasion is the bold kajal look. It adds dimensions to the eyes. Apply kajal on the upper and lower lash line to carry this stunning look. A thick lower lash line look is another must-try trend this summer season. It can be easily created by drawing a thick line on the bottom lash line with a pencil. Arabian kajal style gives a glamorous and sensual look. This look in the summer season will surely turn heads.

Eyeliner– One of the most popular trends among women and girls nowadays is bright and colourful eyeliner. A straight eyeliner style can make the eyes look bigger, bold, and beautiful. Pink, neon green, purple, and shades of blue are currently in trend.

So, colour is the heart of all make-up products. Cosmetic manufacturers can offer great cosmetics to users by using good quality pigment colourants.

We, at Neelikon, offer a wide range of high-quality pigments. Some are organic pigments, inorganic pigments, Aqueous Pigment Dispersions, EC approved Organic lakes.

People are becoming more aware of what they are putting on their skin nowadays. We offer colours for make-up products that are safe and meet US FDA, Japanese, European, Chinese and Indian legislation. This allows our customers to formulate their products for the world market!

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