Dyes and pigments have been colouring our life for ages. From cosmetics to pharmaceuticals and food to plastics… dyes remain a constant in every product. Today, their application is not limited to any particular category and has extended into various applications. For obvious reasons now, the demand for these multi applications dyes is increasing. Let’s see why-

Multi-application dyes are specifically preferred for:

For Safety:

  • Various dyes and pigments that have approvals from agencies like USFDA, etc are considered safe. That’s why food and pharma colours are naturally preferred for multiple application where safety is of uttermost priority.
  • Food colours in topical applicants do not induce any allergic reaction to the skin. Hence, are also used in cosmetics and personal care items.
  • Soft toys need to be safe for children and they should be free from any harmful chemicals. Hence, the usage of safe and consumable colours is recommended for their manufacturing.

Cost and Usage:

  • Multi-application dyes are proven to be cost-effective as they can be interchangeably used during production.
  • Storing for various applications becomes convenient as it takes up less space for storage and inventory management becomes easier.

Exploring some applications of multi-application dyes:

Synthetic and natural food colours are now being used in various other industries listed below:

Toothpaste, facial creams, meat & fish products, sausages, cheese, tablets & capsules, syrups, cosmetics, bath salts, hair rinses, shampoos, pet foods, animal feeds, toiletry products, and washing powders.

Various dyes used on cosmetics can be used in personal care products like lotions, deodorants, liquid soap, hair oil, aftershave skin creams, body scrub, shower gel, face wash, and sanitisers. They are also incorporated in the making of home care products like toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, dish wash liquid, detergents and floor cleaners.

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