FSMS: Food Safety Management System

All requirements of Food Safety Management System (FSMS) are applicable to all organizations directly or indirectly associated in the food chain. Those involved directly are

  • Food Producer
  • Harvester/Farmers
  • Producer of Food Ingredients
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Food Service providers
  • Catering
  • Suppliers of Cleaning and Sanitation services
  • Food Transporters, Storage and Distributors

Those are involved indirectly are

  • Supplier of Equipment
  • Supplier of Cleaning and Sanitizing agents
  • Supplier of food packing materials

Food chain means sequence of the stages involved in production, processing, distribution, storage and Handling of food and its ingredients from primary production to consumption. Food safety means that it will not cause harm to consumers. While producing distributing care must be taken of food hazards such as biological, chemical and physical agents to cause adverse health effects. While adopting this system one has to address Operation Prerequisite Program (OPRP) to control food hazards and address critical control points. It has to address critical limit which separates acceptability from unacceptability.

FSMS communicate the probable hazards in food chain system.

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