Deconstructing the colour-rush!

Use of non-permitted colours in food as well as cosmetic and personal care

Since childhood, we’ve been guided to eat more colourful foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. But, with the world moving fast, people have resorted to faster solutions, be it food or cosmetics. Gradually, the market has witnessed a rise in competition to provide the best of the lot at an affordable cost. In order to be identified and stand out in this tough competition, product development teams need to increase the aesthetic appeal of their products, which means, a liberal use of artificial and synthetic colours to enhance their product appearance. This colour-rush is everywhere- food or personal care, nothing is spared.

For effective and uniform delivery of each batch, manufacturers opt for synthetic colours, which have their own set of benefits in terms of quality and cost. However, since these are chemically produced, certain limitations are evident.

To discipline the use of synthetic colours, the legislative authorities have segmented these into permitted and non-permitted colours according to their safety profile and healthy application levels.1The prevalent use of these unsafe and non-permitted dyes and pigments occur due to lack of awareness about the harmful effects or for cost optimization.

Credible sources of studies have shown, that use of non-permitted colours in undesired quantities run the risk of cancer, degenerative changes in kidney and liver, neurotoxicity, and even a high risk of asthma.

In order to curb this harmful practise, USFDA has identified certain colours, use of which is considered adulteration of food and cosmetics. In the US law, colour additives have a strict system of approval under Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.Non-adherence to USFDA approvals and legislations leads to use of detaining imported products in the US and other international markets.

While purchasing colours, it is essential to choose only safe and USFDA approved colours and dyes across the categories. It is rightful to confirm that the manufacturer of dyes and pigments adheres to the requested certification from USFDA and other national and international laws for permitted and safe colours.

In the market of manufacturing dyes and pigments, Neelikon stands a trusted veteran and leader among the competitors. With an expertise of more than 30 years, and international networks, Neelikon duly adheres to legislations like USFDA and CFR laws to provide only safe and high-quality output in the market.

Befittingly, one can say, with Neelikon, it’s safe to drench in the colour-rush!

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