Decoding the Colour Code

Advantages of Surface Treated Pigment over normal Pigment.

Today, the global beauty industry is estimated to be worth $500 billion* with an expected CAGR growth 7.14% from 2018 to 2023.1 The segment has been evolving ever since its inception – from using natural ingredients like berries and charcoals in the Egyptian era to using chemically manufactured lipsticks and kohl in the modern marketplace. This colourful history remains a testament of adaptation to the ever-changing and ever-demanding consumer demands.

The continuous churn in this gigantic industry has witnessed the metamorphosis of each product, from glossy lipsticks to creamy, matte lip colours, and even foundations in multiple shades. To adhere to the changing environmental and functional demands of the user, surface treated pigments have been widely accepted by modern manufacturers to provide new-age cosmetics to their end users.

Even though powder and pigment cosmetics had their own era, they came with their own set of drawbacks viz.:

  • Unwanted agglomeration
  • Poor wettability and dispersibility
  • Poor skin affinity
  • Poor make-up stability

Surface treating of pigments brings out desired properties of the desired colours.

With the intervention of surface treated pigments, the aesthetic and functional appeal of cosmetic products have reached a notch above.The markets are now flooded with cosmetics that are waterproof, matte, skin-safe, moisturizing, etc.

Surface treated pigments have multiple benefits, to name a few-

  • Enhanced skin adhesion
  • Water-retention
  • Water proof

The functional benefits of surface treated pigments add value to both – the manufacturer and the consumer alike. For e.g., long-lasting cosmetic products in different forms like powder, cream, and matte form are appreciated and preferred in today’s market.  Adding these enhanced attributes help manufacturers to develop innovative products, with complementing USPs that sell like hot cakes.

In totality, using surface treated pigments adds functionality to attractive hues, while introducing stability of colours, enhanced wearability, and impart a feel-good factor on skin.

Now, it requires advance level of expertise and infrastructure to manufacture surface treated pigment and customize colours as per the client’s requirement. Neelikon, present in the market since 1973 has exceptional expertise and follows international standards of laws and regulations while manufacturing and dyes. As an acknowledged prime manufacturer of dyes, pigments, and chemicals, Neelikon offers a wide array of solutions and customization for surface treatment pigments with application that ranges from cosmetics and personal care to pharmaceutical sector as well. With this level of expertise, it’s safe to say, that Neelikon has go the code to decoding the colours!

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