What is IMS?

September 15, 2017by Neelikon Colours Global

IMS is integrated management system. Organization to sustain business adopts many systems. These are

  • QMS : Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
  • EMS : Environment Management System ISO 14001:2004
  • OSHAS : Occupational Health & Safety Assessment series OSHAS 1801:2007
  • FSMS : Food Safety Management System
  • FSSC : Food Safety Security Certificate FSS – 22000

The combination of this system i.e. IMS helps to implement this system with single documentation and Implementation. In this blog we will focus on QMS

QMS ~ ISO 9001-2008

QMS ~ ISO 9001-2008 is applicable to all irrespective of size and nature of business. By size means small shop, small hospitals, small schools to big shop, Hospitals, big Industry such as cement, fertilizer, basic chemicals like Sulphuric acid, colleges and universities etc.

To sustain business for long term International Organization for Standardization has been framed since World War II. The committee members of this ISO consist of Entrepreneur, Industrialist, CEO, Principal. They have set of standards if followed with Integrity it helps

  • To provide confidence to Customers
  • To improve competence of Employees
  • To enhance Data Analysis which helps to continuous improvement & Customer Satisfaction
  • To improve document and record control
  • To identify critical performance Indicators
  • To continually improve the system through policy and objective enhancing customer satisfaction

It enhances the importance of PDCA which means

  • Plan : Planning
  • Do : Implement Planning
  • Check : Important Parameter where rise to quality & company economy is very high
  • Act : To act by internal audit, corrective and Preventive action

After Plan-Do-and Check if there is any non-conformity observed to take action (Act) and make it correct and apply corrective action for prevent the recurrence

It has designed eight operating Processes which are applicable to organization as under

  • Control of Documents
  • Control of Records
  • Internal Audit
  • Correction
  • Corrective Action
  • Preventive Action
  • Product Recall
  • Non-Conformity

All activities of organization are framed in form Standard Operation Process. These processes can and always differ according to the needs &requirements of that activity.

It speaks about the Importance of everyone from Fresh room cleaner to CEO or Manger level to run business successfully. It stresses on the environment and while designing the project.

  • Light
  • Air&
  • Sound
  • Temperature is taken into consideration.

It stress on mode of communication to avoid any mishap in the organization. Very shortly from March 2018 the improved version of ISO 9001-2008 would be available in the form of ISO 9001: 2015 It also speaks about sharing useful information to all concern such as suppliers, staff and Customers.

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