The bright side synthetic aesthetics.

The Era of Synthetic Colours

Colours- vivid, bright, beautiful, everywhere!

Thanks to the introduction of synthetic colours, dyes, and pigments in the market, today, we see a boom in every industry.Food, cosmetics, personal care, fashion- colours rule everywhere. Taking a look back at the history, natural sources like plants, leaves, fruits, and invertebrates were used to impart colours in paintings and make-up. However, industrial and scientific advances led to expansion in manufacturing of diverse pigments and dyes. Discoveries like Prussian Blue, Muaveine, azo, and diazo lead to driving changes in the fashion and art industry.

According to , “Synthetic dyes is expected to the fastest growing segment, in terms of value and volume, in the cosmetics dyes market during forecast period.1

The delectable colours of attractive cuisines, pastel shades of fabrics and cosmetics are all possible because of the worldwide availability of synthetic colours. From assisting manufacturers in ensuring batch-to-batch uniformity and enhancing the less intensive colours of the raw product, synthetic pigments and dyes have really been the game-changer.

Table 1: The advent of synthetic pigment and dyes benefitted manufacturers and customers alike.

Manufacturers Consumers
Batch-to-batch uniformity Identifying products and categories
Enhanced natural colours of raw material Affordability
Increased attractiveness and acceptability of end product Variety of products have become available
Economically beneficial, provides higher yield in minimum material Appealing to sensory factors, thus enhancing the product experience
Wide availability and applicability across sectors

As a key market player in the global colour industry, Neelikon has adapted various strategies to address the growing demands of cosmetic dyeing emerging in the market. With decades of experience, Neelikon has introduces more and more colours that adhere UFSFDA and other legislations across the globe.

Safe to say, Neelikon has been bringing out the brighter side of synthetic colour market!

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