Make up since its inception has been associated with beauty. However, as the lines between enhancing beauty, boosting confidence, and self-expression merged, it led to larger acceptance of make up cosmetics as a whole.

Even when 2020 came with surprizes, it could not dampen this spirit of expression. As people adapt to the ‘new’ normal, they make sure to do so in style. From online meeting to webinars and moving out in masks, the consumer of today does all it takes to make the first impressions through expressions.

Eye makeup has evolved from using deep black kohl to funky and bold colours that match the mood. Today, with eruption of multiple styles, eye makeup has expanded in verticals like eye shadows, eye pigments, kajal, eye liners, multicoloured mascaras, coloured eyelashes, and much more. Pigmented cosmetics have a wider acceptance, and are further loved when followed by improved stability, increased wearability and feel that comes thanks to surface treated pigments.

Going by the statistics of eye make-up sales, it is evident, that safety does not come at the cost of glamour. Reports suggested that eye makeup sales have already soared by 3% globally.

Now, the trigger for this can be many things, for example, masks as an inseparable part of lifestyle leaves just the eyes to do the talking. Another important factor to consider is the global trend of grooming and high individualization that empowers a consumer to experiment with their looks. Hence, influencers have resorted to experimenting with their “mask looks” to accentuate them.

Well, this way or that, as long as expression finds it way, the world will continue to remain a better place. That’s why, at Neelikon, we have a vast palette of cosmetic pigments that are USFDA approved and surface treated for better product innovations. Make sure to check out the portfolio on www.neelikon.com and find a way of expressions for your own product range.

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